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Make Every Day Count With
A Printable Blank Schedule

Get Organized and Achieve Your Goals with
xls Templates, Schedule Organization System.

Are you sending out an SOS? Do you sometimes look at a days work and have a blank moment? You know the feeling – when the brain doesn’t want to work because it just doesn’t know where to start.

People who succeed often cite one critical thing they have in common. They use a schedule to plan their achievements and they give each scheduled goal a deadline to achieve it. They know that the time spent creating their daily task lists and their longer terms goals will save them time in the future.

They do not rely on luck to bring them opportunities. They do not expect their memory to trigger attendance or completion of important appointments or events. Managing time efficiently is imperative for success in business, but scheduling can also have a positive impact on our personal lives and achievements as well.

Why do people have difficulty getting things done?

Often we just suffer from not having a plan! Sometimes it’s because we get overwhelmed by a big job. Maybe we really don’t have time or try to take on too much. The reasons are many, the solutions are few. A little time spent on creating our schedule each week helps.

But keeping track of dates that span from daily appointments to 5 year goals usually means having multiple work note books, diaries, planners and archive systems that can eat up your time just in the sheer creation and maintenance of them.

How many hours do you use over a year writing up a schedule in a planner or notebook, then transferring that to a spreadsheet and then once again to a printable word or pdf document or detailing in another spreadsheet for finances and tax, or for work, team or school schedules?

How many separate systems do you maintain: with daily appointment schedules, weekly work schedules, forward monthly schedules, yearly calendar schedules  and finance budgets etc?

What if you had templates for  printable blank schedules with a range of optional space available for daily appointments and weekly tasks. With a yearly calendar that has space for monthly appointments. You could paste the right schedules, perfect for you, into one or two  easy to use workbooks?

How can we make scheduling our tasks easier?

Time is preciousit really is money – no one wants to waste it with inefficient systems. Nor should we waste it re-inventing the wheel. Or in this case, spending our precious time creating all the details for our printable blank schedule.

Not when you can easily cut and paste a pre formatted print out blank schedule. And especially when there are these ready to use xls templates available that you can just open in excel.

After living a “paperwork” disorganized life for far too many years, I finally reached that “Enough!” stage. You know, that stage when creating a solution to get past a roadblock becomes more important than getting on with the job itself.

I looked for printable blank schedules but couldn’t find any that suited or could be easily adapted to what I needed them to do. I tried downloading templates but they often wouldn’t work with my version of excel. They were too complicated with cells that merged and too many options and I spent more time fixing things than I did using them.

I needed help, I needed to be more organized, I needed a system! Something simpler.

As I couldn’t find what I needed, I created it. While I was working on doing that, I talked to my friends and family about it. Some of them were highly organized people who helped me by showing me the way they cope with scheduling. Using my xls templates made things so easy!

Eventually I shared my system with friends who were also telegraphing an SOS. But a system needed more than the templates. It needed instructions. So I wrote the book Schedule Your Priorities to go with it. I wrote some simple excel cheat sheets that are easy to refer to when you forget something. Now the SOS system is available to anyone in need of it.

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Book &


Do any of these problems sound familiar?

Some of my friends were even worse than I was and gave me a lot of insight into creating a broader range of options to the solution. But all of them said keep it simple and make it easy and useful.

People, who do different shifts for example, said they could not find a spreadsheet schedule that had 24 hours in it. People have different appointment times ranging from 10 minute appointments to 2 hours or more. People said they needed a lot more space for text.

Some people said they could never stay on top of when bills are due and one friend in particular was always getting slapped with late payment fees.

Small business people wanted printable blank schedules for making rosters.  Project managers wanted a simple progressive to-do schedule system.

All of them wanted a spreadsheet schedule they could write to on the computer, print out schedules if they wanted multiple copies, the ability to archive data. All of them liked schedules that could easily be pasted into other workbooks or converted to other document formats for sharing with other people.

Many said that their lack of knowledge with Excel frustrated their own efforts to create their own spreadsheet schedules. Calendar templates are so often documents that are all format, with insufficient room to add your text.

They didn’t have a lot of  time to customize, they just wanted something simple that works when you download it, that they can use and print.

I could easily relate to the need for both printable blank schedules and xls templates that work with all versions of excel. Maybe you too are in need of a printable blank schedule template for a specific purpose.
Maybe there are several different things you could use a schedule for. Maybe my system is just what you need.

What might you need a schedule for?

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