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Maybe you want a schedule that’s printable – just to write on. Or maybe you want a spreadsheet schedule to type into on the computer and then print. Maybe you want daily or weekly or monthly.

I want to give you something you want – but my problem is that I don’t know which one it is. I want you to be able to see what the schedules look like but I can’t afford to just give them all away.

You can download this 11 page report with 3 free schedules by clicking this blue link. No sign up required.  It has three free printable blank schedules inside it that you can print out from the page in the pdf.

It will also tell you a bit more about the templates and give examples of some of the other templates which I  pasted into the pdf.  If you want more…

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Try out the blank schedule template ! That’s why it’s FREE.

I would just like you to find out a little bit more about my schedule system. I want to help you get organized and manage your time.

Being positive about your life goals is an important part of achieving them. No one ever got anything done by saying “I can’t.” Instead, say “Yes I will!”

What’s Better About Templates?

You can print out the free blank schedules from this free report and write on them, but when you own the spreadsheet templates, you can enter your data into the work sheets, change column headings, and truly customize the schedule to your needs.

Before you print, before you paste into Word, before you convert to PDF  – You can enter all the data that you want to be in your blank schedule and then print out a neatly typed complete schedule for your home, project or office. Not just have a handwritten schedule.

If you like what I send you and you do decide to buy  the Schedule Templates- you also receive 14 Excel Cheat Sheets to improve your spreadsheet skills and adapt your templates to look just as you want them to.

When you get the templates you also receive “my Schedule Your Priorities”, book. This that has over a hundred valuable tips on managing busy schedules, so you can squeeze more productivity out of less time, and hopefully schedule in some longer vacation breaks!

My book doesn’t just cover scheduling. It will help you to set objectives or goals, to be more efficient by creating detailed to-do lists, to measure and manage time (so eventually you do have some to spare) and to be well organized in both your home and office. And to aid you in changing your life for the better, the schedules have a bonus package of motivational books included.

However its the free blank schedule template that I send to you with the newsletter that will show you more convincingly than any long detailed page of text just what this template package can do for you - so get it today and check it out when you enter your details in the form above.

P.S. I don’t send a lot of emails everyday for the newsletter. The newsletter is usually monthly except for blog updates.  I won’t spam you asking you to buy stuff . I won’t share your email address.

I’m just asking to stay in touch so I can let you know when there are new articles on the blog or I have found a new resource or video.

I may send you information about achieving goals and getting organized and maybe I’ll also remind you about the templates or tell you about a new motivational book I’ve found or uploaded for sale, but you can live with that can’t you, when you also will get so much free information?

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